I.M.P.A.C.T is not only who we are but it is also what we do. Our desire is to impact not only the men of our congregation to live Christ center lives but to carry that impact outside of the four walls of our church and into our homes, our communities, our place in the market and our nation. We want to Inspire Men, we want to Produce Accountability and we want to Confirm the Truth we want to make an Impact.


The Mission of IMPACT is to Inspire men of ALL AGES to live Christ centered lives. We are committed to being a ministry that interacts with men of all age, adolescents, teens, young adults, fathers and grandfathers. Our vision is to see every man at his stage in life, dealing with issues unique to where he is in life in a way that honors God and promotes Biblical manhood. Our vision is to see each man fully engaged in being the man God has called him to be.



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2 things we know about men…they to love to eat and they love to work!!! Lunch and learn is a great way to do both. Lunch and learn is an opportunity for men to get together to chow down and learn, improve on come skills. Some of our lunch and learn topics include:Basic Home Repair, Finances 101, Hobbies, Insurance and Investment Basics, Legal Tips and much more…
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Pact Forums are roundtable discussions and forums on the hot topics of the day that have a direct impact on Men. At the end of the day all men cradle to grave, struggle with the same things; Power, Money, Sex, Stress, Pressure. Pact Forums give men an opportunity to deal with these issues head on. To get support, get prayer, get insight and get some answers on how to do this thing called Manhood. We will get real but we will have fun while we do it. Nothing better then hanging out with the guys and keeping it real. Pact forums will be about keeping it real while we make an impact.
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Living in Connecticut, opportunities for road-trips are endless:
Pro Sports, Fishing Trips, Re-Treats, College Sports, Local High School Sports to support our guys, Conferences, Boyz Nite Out, Serving in the community.

The purpose of road-trips is to band together and have some fun, hang out and take Impact on the road.




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