Campus Pastors

Campus Pastors

Pastor Sam and Jackie DeFrancesco have been married since 1995, and have served at Calvary Life since 2002. Their arrival at Calvary Life is an example of divine timing. The congregation was meeting at a school while renovations were underway at the facility (then Sandbank Rd), and there was a need for an electrician. Sam, being the owner of an electrical company, began a pattern of generous giving by filling that need. Later on, when it was time for the church to move from leasing to ownership, he became the General Contractor of the new building project (East Johnson Ave), donating labor and materials to see the house of the Lord constructed.

Now as Executive Pastor of our CT campus, he is set to be GC again for the rebuilding of our facility in Cheshire, after the original building was destroyed by a series of snowstorms in the winter of 2010-2011. (Read the amazing testimony here.)

Pastor Sam and Jackie are examples of generosity, humility and hospitality, serving the Kingdom and Body of Christ with compassion and grace. They live in Southern CT with their two sons and the family dog. They enjoy baseball, basketball and entertaining friends at home.

Meet the DeFrancescos at our CT campus! Click here for the schedule of services, times and locations. Get to know Pastor Sam and Jackie a little more.

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