The vision God has for us is even more vast than we could have realized, and we have come to see that this trial was necessary in order for us to become all He desires. We are becoming closer and stronger, learning to persevere more than we have in all our previous years.

We have been humbled and deeply grateful by the outpouring of support from neighbors and fellow believers from around the nations who have chosen to stand along side us as we look to rebuild our house of worship.

Even as plans were drawn to rebuild in CT, families began the process of relocating to Texas to plant our Fort Worth campus, which by the grace of God began having services in June of 2011.

We have now entered a season of replanting and rebirth, as God builds on what He has already done in us and prepares us for the greater things to come. We have gone from a handful of people seeking God in a hotel room, to a growing family of believers spanning two states and impacting the nations through our internet campus,—and we are only seeing the beginning.

As you join us for worship this week, you will find a growing, thriving congregation with a passion for God that walls truly cannot contain. As we look forward to what God will do over the coming months and years, we are filled with more anticipation and expectation than ever before.

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